Movie Review: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Since there is only one single vacancy at the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and two new arrivals Sonny pursues his dreams of expansion! I really loved the first one  and couldn't wait to watch this sequel to John Madden’s 2011 hit The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel! Many of the same cast is back including Bill Nighy (Pride) still the perennial charmer with his relationship with the delightfully wonderful Dame Judi Dench (Philomena.) Not to mention the screen stealing co-owners of Jaipur’s supremely successful hotel, played by Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire) and … [Read more...]

Back to Scohool with

Back to College

It is almost time for everyone to head back to school and if you have to purchase text books you already know that cost alone can get expensive. I have a wonderful alternative for you with where you can rent your textbooks and save a ton. I know what you are thinking! If you rent the book then you can't really treat it like it is your own. Well let me tell you that you can because with you can highlight in the textbooks and everything! That is a huge plus in my opinion. … [Read more...]

Passport2Purity Getaway Kit

Passport2Purity Getaway Kit

I received the product mentioned below due to my connection with Flyby Promotions and FamilyLife.  My oldest children are heading into their teen years (OH GOODNESS!) and to be honest I am a bit nervous. I remember my teenage years and about half of the girls I went to high school with had a least one child by the time we had graduated. I don't want that for my children and didn't do that to myself. Luckily for me I grew up with very strong morals and hope that I have passed those onto my children.  However having some tools to help them along the way … [Read more...]

Back in Full Force Tomorrow


Wow what a week! I haven't posted here in a few days simply because I have had some family issues  going on. My aunt is ill and has been in and out of the hospital. She is home but needed a little extra help until home health care could come out regularly so I have been super busy. That is one of the things about being the only relative nearby, for the most part, is that I am usually the one who has to deal with everyone else. My Ma has also been a bit under the weather which has put me doing twice as much as I normally do. … [Read more...]