Knowing My God Series Starter Set Giveaway


I am so thrilled to bring you this amazing giveaway! You know how important our faith is to me and with small children explaining that faith doesn’t always come easy. I try as hard as I can but sometimes I just need a little help in that department. That is where books like these amazing ones from Graham Blanchard really helps.

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Book Review: To Marry A Scottish Laird {Can I Marry One?}

To Marry A Scottish Laird

I know it’s another Highland theme romance but you all know I can’t help it and you really know who to blame for this (not naming any names!) To Marry a Scottish Laird is a straight up historical romance novel. There is no time travel or anything like that.  It is a short read or at least it was for me. I got through in a little over an hour and have read it a couple of times. It is actually one that I purchased for myself to read.

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Why Muay Thai training in Thailand is a good loss weight solution?

Thai Food

Many people turn to strict diets in order to lose weight and this is not always the solution.  Instead of harsh food restriction, you need to change your diet and engage in physical activity. This is the perfect loss weight plan. When it comes to food and proper eating you need to find healthy food full with nutrients and keep a balanced diet. Once you achieve that you can start with proper physical activity.

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