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When you live out in the woods or the country as I do you know how important keeping your house clean is. Miss one day you will end of with spiders or bugs that tend to get in. The worst part for me is actually two-fold. First my woods are mostly pine trees and every bug in the world seems to love those things. Secondly I live within a state park which means I can’t just go out and cut down trees willy-nilly.That said I have a wonderful tool to help me with this endeavor without a lot of effort on my part. It is called the Baseboard Buddy and I love it. The Baseboard Buddy is like a Swiffer for your baseboards.

TESTING Baseboard Buddy

When my Baseboard Buddy arrived I did have to assemble the handle with the base but it was super easy. I attached the pad. You spray on your favorite cleaner, dusting product , whatever, and set off the cleaning your baseboards without having to bend over. That is the best part. What use to take me two hours to get done now takes me fifteen minutes. Of course you all know me and I am all about abusing a product to make sure it works so I put it to the test. I threw that things all over the place. Got on my husband’s ladder and dropped it as well. It didn’t break, bend, or crack. The pad is cloth  and I will tell you that I washed mine in the washing machine inside a mesh bag and it came out super clean. The product worked so well I caught my husband using it to clean his truck windshield (don’t ask!)

PROS of Baseboard Buddy

  • Easy to use
  • Keeps me from having to crawl around on the floor
  • Good value at $24.99
  • You can buy additional pads

CONS of Baseboard Buddy

  • I couldn’t find a single one.

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8 Responses to Baseboard Buddy

  1. Jessa Dobbs says:

    Goodness I could use one of these; I can't get to the baseboards in the corners and we live in the woods so there are LOTS of spider webs

  2. Rita says:

    I know what you mean about the spider webs! This thing is great!

  3. Joyce Lawson says:

    Where can I purchase the baseboard buddy? I’ve looked everywhere online, Amazon does not even have it!

  4. Linda Brown says:

    I ordered two baseboardbuddys on March 9th and never received my order. As noted the website is down and I can’t find a phone number.

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