As a homeschool teacher I am always looking for fun ways to have lessons and games that help my children learn. Anything that can be used from an early age is always a plus with me.  That is why I was especially excited to try out my new Early Learning Game Cards made by Child Up. I strongly believe that one of the keys to keeping young children engaged is by making learning fun and by engaging them.

I received the Math & Logic Learning Game Cards, a series of educational tools for parents, caregivers, and early teachers who intend to develop the learning and intellectual skills of their children. By playing in an interactive way, these cards can prepare them for school. These are designed for children ages 1 to 5 but these games can be used in other  ways for older children if you want to get creative.

The Math & Logic Leraning Game Cards are designed to

Helps parents to teach:

  • Numbers from 0 to 10
  • Numbers as quantities and symbols
  • The first steps of addition

Helps develop the child’s:

  • Math and logic skills
  • Learning and cognitive skills
  • Listening and memory skills
  • Attention and concentration skills
  • Language and social skills?


As I fanned the cards out on the table, I noticed that these were not ordinary flash cards – they are much more developed. Each set has several sets of cards that are coded  with bright colors to represent a family of animals such as mammals, African animals, domestic animals, reptiles, insects and so on. They also come with prepared lessons to help you. The illustrations were so well-drawn and the animals chosen were unusual. On one side of each card was a number, and on the other side were  animals representing that number. The cards were great and my kids honestly enjoyed them. I love how compact they are so I can bring them in my homeschool bag when we take extended trips and although I had the traditional learning cards, ChildUp also has game apps for those that you prefer to use a mobile or tablet.



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