Contribution by Kennith Griffin

When my family found out I was getting transferred to Baltimore, they were worried. According to my boss I had to transfer or I would be out of a job, so I didn’t have much of a choice. I would be there alone with no family or friends, so my family wanted to make sure I would live in a safe place. We have some family friends who used to live there, and they always told us horror stories about how unsafe it is, so they were not crazy about me moving. My guess is they didn’t live in such a great area and they had some bad experiences. I figure I will just have to do some research on home security Baltimore and make the best of it. I know there has to be some great places to live. I think my parents are probably overreacting. I am going to let them come house hunting with me so they can be part of the decision making process. I think if they are able to see the place I am living they will feel better about me moving away on my own.

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