Is Baltimore Safe?

April 11, 2012     Rita     Mixed Bag

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

When my family found out I was getting transferred to Baltimore, they were worried. According to my boss I had to transfer or I would be out of a job, so I didn’t have much of a choice. I would be there alone with no family or friends, so my family wanted to make sure I would live in a safe place. We have some family friends who used to live there, and they always told us horror stories about how unsafe it is, so they were not crazy about me moving. My guess is they didn’t live in such a great area and they had some bad experiences. I figure I will just have to do some research on home security Baltimore and make the best of it. I know there has to be some great places to live. I think my parents are probably overreacting. I am going to let them come house hunting with me so they can be part of the decision making process. I think if they are able to see the place I am living they will feel better about me moving away on my own.


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  1. ellen

    Depending on your age, you should be able to find out where your new workplace is and ask some of the other employees where decent place are? Perhaps use the email system if you are in an office setting or ask your new boss for suggestions if you have been in contact with them?

  2. Sarah Hirsch

    I don’t have much experience with Baltimore, but I am sure that you can find nice areas if you do your research. I think realtors aren’t supposed to directly state the crime level of specific areas, but would be able to subtlely guide you to the right place.

  3. Patricia

    It is always a good idea to research a new area. You never know. I hope people are honest and tell you the good and the bad. Good luck.

  4. Vanessa Coker

    I agree you should ask for help with the new co-workers. I’m sure it’s not ALL unsafe. Good luck <3

  5. Shannon Alex

    every city is just as bad as the next. everywhere has a good place and a bad place. But as long as you do your research and find that good place, you’ll be fine.

  6. sally cox

    My husband was also relocated to Baltimore and I was not hesitant since we were from Chicago. I figured do your research ,talk to coworkers, yada yada. I can honestly tell you after living here for 6 months. It is NOT safe no matter where you live. The whole city is block to block and house by house. My neighbor was raped, i have seen two shooting in person. I have seen cars vandalized, moped gangs, atv gangs brutally beat ppl. This is all in day light and in safe neighborhoods. U have to realize baltimore is really small and the bad ppl dont stay in their neighborhood. Four of my coworkers carry guns and now so do I. Did i mention im from Chicago and never saw anything like i have in 6 mths of baltimore. Ppl say not all parts thats because they dont live here. All parts of baltimore have violence. Get a home security system, have mace, always watch your back.
    I dont care if i sound crazy. I love baltimore.its absolutley beautiful and there is so much to see but the ppl here are frightening. Good luck
    Those ppl who say do your research blah blah balh thats because they dont live in BALTIMORE. i said the same thing. i wasnt scared at all. u should be. I live in Hampden by the way…

    • sally cox

      Locations that were recommended to me when we moved: Butchers Hill, Hampden, Federal Hill, Ellicot City, Reistertown, Towson.
      If you are a single fellow and like a fun party atmosphere Fed Hill. Reistertown is way too rich for my blood. Ellicot too rich,

      Do NOT move to : Druid Hill , The south glen burnie severn. Or Essex or DUndalk.

  7. scott s

    I was born in baltimore and lived in the brooklyn section. Not safe. But noone messedwith me though. It is a very nice city though exept yull smell the sewers and there raunchy lol.

  8. Mary Beth Elderton

    I’ve never been to Baltimore, but I guess you can say the same about every city, Houston, Antonio, Dallas, Denver, and now, St. Louis can all be very dangerous, but I’ve enjoyed living in every one. The time I was burglarized, I lived in the country 🙂

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