Ivana B Skinny Cocktails

April 22, 2012     Rita     Reviews & Giveaways

Ivana B Skinny Cocktails are 100 calorie (I know, right!) drinks that come in three great flavors; Margarita, Cosmopolitan and Appletini.  Each of the drinks are wine-base which allows them to be sweeter and sold at grocery and chain stores. The wine also keeps the calories low which makes them THE drink of sophisticated women today.

I have never had a Cosmopolitan before in my life so this was a new experience for me. The first thing I do with any alcoholic beverage (except for beer) is smell it. I am not sure why but I do. To me the smell tells me a lot about the drink. The Ivana B Cosmo smelled fruity which I liked. The first taste was wonderfully fruity. Since I don’t know what a Cosmo normally tastes like I can’t compare this to anything. I love the fruitiness of it and this is certainly a woman’s drink. I love also that I could have a glass and wreck my diet. My husband tasted it and said it was good but not really for him. This would be a perfect Girl’s Night In cocktail.

Ivana B Skinny Cocktails are currently available at various retail store. You can find one near you by clicking Find Ivana B and entering your zip code. You will have to enter your birth date before you can enter the site to verify your age.



6 responses to “Ivana B Skinny Cocktails

  1. laurie

    Even though it is only 100 calories, it has sucralose which is a (chemical) artificial sweetner. Just as in other “diet” foods…and drinks, people think it is better for them.

  2. CeCi

    These are great!!! Perfect for a ladies night or get together. Guys try them with the ladies, everyone will be happy!!!

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