It’s almost here! Have you picked out your Mother’s Day gift yet? I have been checking out the photo gifts that Shutterfly has and I must tell you that I am seriously thinking about asking for one or even getting my mom one of them. My mom loves getting photo gifts and I really haven’t gotten any, unless you count the ones I got from my brother (pictures of his kids) years ago. I am usually the person taking all the photos and then I just print them out on my printer.

I honestly think that this year I am getting a photo book printed for my mom. They are beautiful and come in a variety of sizes and themes. I am thinking about getting one for myself as well although the photo iPhone cover is pretty nice too. Remember growing up some of the gifts you got your mom? I will never forget the very first time I picked out a Mother’s Day gift all by myself. It was this busy looking dog that held Kleenex inside it. It looked real and was only$5 which took my brother and I three weeks to earn. We couldn’t wait to give it to her because we had worked, earn the money, and bought it ourselves. She loved that thing too. My dad finally threw it out when it lost all its hair. Those are the best kind of gifts to get. The  ones that come from the heart.


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