I suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and if you suffer from it you know how much it hurts. I have the “good luck” of having it in both hands which means when it flairs up I have to wear a brace until the pain passes which can take days. Luckily Shoplet, the place that I get my office supplies from, carries some Fellowes products to help me with that.

Fellowes Wrist Pad

As a Shoplet reviewer I am lucky enough to get to review some of those wonderful products and I will tell you that I am so thrilled about the keyboard pad I got to review. Spending all day on the computer can wreak havoc on my hands and my wrists. I have a laptop and there is nowhere to rest my wrists at all. What that means is that my Carpal Tunnel can flair up much more easily because my wrists are always stiff and in motion. The Fellowes Memory Foam Keyboard Palm Support gives me just that sort of place.  It feels very soft and firm at the same time, if that is possible. When I lean on it is very supportive and gives but not so much that it doesn’t bounce back. In fact, it reminds me of my ball chair. There is a lot of support and comfort with not a lot hard work on my part. The back side is sticky but not sticky to the touch. What I mean is it stays put when you place it and doesn’t move but doesn’t leave any sort of residue either.

Fellowes Microban Mouse Pad


I have never used a wrist rest with a mouse before and to be honest I had never really considered ever using one. Using the Fellowes Memory Foam Gliding Palm Support w/Mouse Pad was different for me but I will tell you that I really like it. Like the keyboard pad the mouse pad is sticky in tat it stays put and it is paper-thin. My mouse is a smaller size so I had to be a little inventive when attaching the palm support. Since it is designed for a regular sized mouse the little fabric strips wrapped around my mouse so I simply taped them down. Once I started using the palm support I was in heaven. When I am designing and having to use my mouse a lot this really helps me get everything done without making my hand cramp.

Fellowes Mouse Pad

As you can see it from the pic above it really made my desk look much cleaner. Which is another thing for me to love about it. I have been working on making my desk look more professional and less messy.

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