Intelliskin makes clothing that not only helps your posture by using PostureCue which they patended. I wish I could explain but no one explains as well as the creators:

Posture, good or bad, affects the way we look, feel and perform. IntelliSkin products have been scientifically proven to improve posture and alignment, by simply being worn. IntelliSkin’s unique, patent pending PostureCue™ technology takes advantage of the way that the thousands of our nerve endings in our skin respond to the outside world to create an instant and predictable neuromuscular response. Expect more from what you wear.

Empower Sports Bra

I know this sounds a little too good to be true but I was sent a Zipper Empower Sports Bra to review and it has change not only my workouts but my day. I feel so much better when I wear this while sitting at the computer working. It pulls my back (and the girls) up where everything needs to be and relieves a lot of the stress. It helps align the spine and the shulders and provides more than enough support without feeling constricted.


Yes that is me in my bra up above and I tell you I am loving it! The back of the bra is a little different and I really love that the material is breathable. Even when I am sweating I feel very comfortable and I have to say is THANK YOU Intelliskin!!


Intelliskin makes much more than just bras, there are shirts and even a pair of shorts. If oyu are the active type or even if you have back pan I would highly recommend checking out Intelliskin.

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