Booster Seats are a Breeze with A Parent Company

September 22, 2012     Rita     Reviews & Giveaways

A Parent Company

How often do you take your child to a restaurant or relatives house and there is not booster seat? It happens all the time and to be honest I hate those booster seats in restaurants anyway. All I ever think about is all the germs that are crawling around on them. A Parent Company has found a way to solve that problem for me.

Our names are Phil and Vanessa Carrington and we’ve started A Parent Company because we found a product that isn’t available in the U.S., but should be. We are parents, we travel and like many parents today, we want safe, functional, compact and hip baby gear that is aesthetically pleasing to us as well as our children. We saw the Go Anywhere Booster Seat while visiting family in England and wanted one but couldn’t find it in the States…so we became the exclusive distributors for the North American market.

Go Anywhere Booster Seat Black/Red

I received the Go Anywhere Booster Seat in Black/Red and I was surprised at how well this seat is. I have seen other travel boosters and they seem to be rather flimsy looking.  It was very easy to attach to any chair, you simply snap the latches together after running the straps through or around (depending on the chair) the back and seat of the chair. You are now ready to strap in baby and enjoy the meal.

booster seat

I really like that everything self-contained. The seat folds up and becomes its own carrying case with a handle or a strap. There is even a pocket on the back that you could tuck a diaper into if you wanted. This is the MUST have baby item and something I plan on giving all my pregnant friends this year.

A Parent Company has really found one of the few products that I couldn’t live without. No more nasty germs from other people. I’m not trying to be mean but who knows what is really on those restaurant booster seats. The Go Anywhere Booster Seat comes on a couple of color chooses and you can shop the online store to order.


5 responses to “Booster Seats are a Breeze with A Parent Company

  1. Alycia M

    What a fabulous idea! Like you, booster seats creep me out. Big time. I end up scrubbing them for probably longer than I need to before I put DS in it. 🙂

    I love the colors of the one in the review!

  2. Betty Baez

    Haha I agree with alycia I often bring sanitizer and douse restaurant booster seats before letting my child sit. I love this!

  3. ellen

    Rarely are there any decent booster seats in any of the restaurants- just a highchair. This is a very clever idea and it’s nice it is so portable.

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