Method is an environmentally-conscious cleaning product company that I am sure many of you have heard of. Method has launched a new line of limited-edition bottles made from a blend of recovered ocean plastic and post-consumer recycled plastic. Is  that no totally cool?

It is a new two-in-one hand and dish soap which will be available exclusively at Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. What they are actually doing is using all that plastic that we throw out and creating their bottles so that less of that plastic ends up in our oceans. How can you not get behind a company that is doing something like that? Method is doing their part to help keep some of the 46, 000 pieces of plastic that are swirling around each square mile out of our oceans and make this Earth a little better for future generations.


Be sure to head to Whole Foods Market or check Method out online and do your part to help by purchasing this cleaner and showing your children that you are working to make the world better for them.

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