What Do You Mean Technical Support?

October 31, 2012     Rita     Mixed Bag

By: Ben

How often do you need help with your computer? Do you call technical support when you do? My brother called me a few days ago and had a problem. When I said you should all technical support his reply was ” I did, I called you. You’re my technical support” While I am super flattered that he thinks I can do all that the truth is I actually have a technical support guy.

My computers (yes there is more than one) are more than just old. I think was actually put out when computers were first built and it needs lots of love and care. Not to mention the occasional “I swear I am going to throw you in the middle of the floor!” While I can fixed minor things myself I would never assume that I could do anything on it and always take it to my guy when it needs a tune-up.

Finding the right support can be as difficult as finding the right doctor for your family. You have to find one that you can trust and that can provide you the support you need. I found mine when I had a full-scale meltdown. My computer caught a virus and I had a weekend where I needed to get some things done. I spent half the morning calling around and finally found the guy that I currently use.

My guy is great and can handle just about any problem. He can even walk me through fixing most things myself right over the phone. As for my brother he will of course continue to call me and then say “What did I call you for?” when I can’t solve the problem. Luckily his problem the other was fairly simple and I was able to help him get his computer and wi-fi back online. Although there was a lot of laughing and “just do it the way I said” before we got things solved but that is how it is when yo have a younger brother.


3 responses to “What Do You Mean Technical Support?

  1. Karen Glatt

    You have a nice set-up for you computers! I think that as a blogger you would have to have a tech support person becasue so many things can go wrong. My son is so good at fixing problems with my computer-so I call him my tech support person. I hope that when your brother calls again that you are able to help him! Good luck!

  2. Anthony Buenavista

    Ah Yes! You have a go to technical support guy whom you call when the problem is already beyond your capabilities. As I see it, “What you learned from your go to guy is what you used to help your brother”. Not bad at all! Well this is one good article!

  3. Tammy S

    My guy is my husband. I am lucky because my husband is an engineer. He designs parts that go in computers. So he really know how they work. He is the neighborhood tech support.

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