Luv My Baby Spa {Review}

November 19, 2012     Rita     Reviews & Giveaways

When it comes to giving baby a bath it can be a rather difficult task. You have the choice of bathing them in the kitchen sink (can you say GROSS!) or using a tub made for babies. The problem with the tub is the obvious, there is no telling how many germs there is actually in there and with the tub you really can’t rinse them off well. You could always put them into the just the bathtub but then you run into the the problem that they could drown, you could spill and drop them, and a wide variety of other issues.

Well thanks to IdeaFactory Inc there is something that will help you with that. It is called the Luv My Baby Spa and it is a life saver! The best part about this handy little tool (and yes it is a tool) is that long after baby has outgrown it you will continue to find uses for it. Luv My Baby Spa attaches to your shower very easily. You have to take the head off, attach it, and then put the head back on. I discovered that not only did I use it when bathing baby but I also when I shaved in the shower, whenever I washed the shower because it made rinsing the walls super easy. You can find Luv My Baby Spa online and at select Walmart stores.

IdeaFactory Inc has other items that will help make your daily life a little easier including more bath and shower items as well as oral care products  Give them a look and see what you can find to bring a little less work and a little more time into your life. Be sure to keep up with them on Facebook as well.


11 responses to “Luv My Baby Spa {Review}

  1. Raine

    I wish they made this when my kids were babies!!! (I usually did the sink thing-i know gross lol) , but the baby tubs were such a pain. I hope this review comes in handy for me to pass on to someone soon, but I’s even use it like you said for shaving my legs-why not?! Great review/product find!

  2. Betty Baez

    I love this! I hated the baby baths they took up too much room I hated the fact it was never fully dry so it would soak the floor and I had to wash it constantly it was annoying this is a great product!

  3. Mary Beth Elderton

    What a great product! I do bathe the grandbabies occasionally, but I’d love to have this just for us!

  4. Karen Glatt

    Wow! I have not heard of this awesome Luv Baby Spa item. I want to get this! This looks like a really good thing to give to my sister for her and her baby! She will love it!

  5. ellen

    Like others I used the sink- years ago the baby tubs were horrid and the sink was easier to control. I like this idea!

  6. Tawnya S

    I never knew they made a Water Flosser that hooks up to the sink. I love that it requires no electricity and no counter space!

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