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As you all know I have been having some issues with my contract phone and have talked before about the benefits of Net10 Wireless. Today I want to share with you the benefits of Net10 Wireless Family Plan. The plan is actually great because you get unlimited text, talk,and data for a low price. If you need 2 phones it is only $90 a month ($50 for the first phone and $40 for each additional), 3 phones would run $130 a month, and four phones would run $170 a month. The price for four phones is less than what we currently pay for a 3 phone contract plan. I love that Net10 Wireless also includes calls to both landlines and cell phones in Mexico as well as 100 other countries. It means talking to loved ones there won’t cost an arm and a leg.


Before I showed the LG Optimus phone (shown above) that Net10 sent me and how great it was. We still use the phone and in fact I have some great apps, like the Windows Tiles you see in the photo, on there. I use it to handle my banking and several other things.  It is perfect for checking my emails on the go as well as letting the kids play games. It really got a workout last weekend when all the kids were here. I have never seen so many games on one phone ever!

LG Phone

Net10 Wireless sent me this LG 800G phone as the second phone to try and test on the Family Plan and while it is a bit more simpler than the Optimus it is still a great phone. It is one that my mom can use with no problem so it is the one she uses the most. Other phones that have a lot of bells and whistles confuse (don’t get me started on what she did to the iPhone!) That is not to say this phone doesn’t have any bells and whistles, as you can see from the video it does.

Net10 Wireless has a great assortment of Android Smartphones that you are looking for at prices that you will love. Another great thing is that Net10 Wireless phones are available at 90,000 locations across the USA including Walmart, Best Buy, and Target among others. You can even use PayPal to purchase your minutes from Walmart and they will email them to you if you choose. How cool is that? Like I said before a Family Plan from Net10 Wirelsess for four phones is less than our 3 phone Family Plan and we have to share minutes. With Net10 all phones get unlimited minutes each month. We spend on average $1900 a year for our phones. With Net10 Wireless 3 phones will only cost us about $1500 that’s a $400 saving s a year. Do me a favor though and don’t tell anyone in my family because I have plans for that extra money!


Check out Net10 Wirless  to find out all the details about their plans and phones so you can find the one that is perfect for you and your family. My Spanish speaking amigas can find the Net10 Wireless Spanish site here. Also be sure to follow Net10 Wireless on Facebook so you can get up to date information about specials and more.


**This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Net10 Wireless. However, all opinions expressed are my own.**

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