When you just find out that you are going to have a baby, you want to stand on the rooftops and shout it to the entire world. But you stop yourself because you want to find a way to share your birth announcement in a way that will be remembered for years to come. If you are having some trouble finding a fun way to tell your loved ones about your pregnancy, here are some ideas that will bring happiness and joy right away to those you share them with.

1. Create Your Own Announcements

A great way to tell the ones you love about the new life growing inside you is to create your own baby announcement and send them out in the mail. You can easily create these with your computer. All you need is your creativity and a printer! You can save yourself some money if you do it through emails rather than using postage.
Use fun colors that are gender neutral of course if this is before you find out the sex of the baby. Say something cute that will really warm your loved one’s hearts and will make them feel just as excited as you! Some great images to use would be a giraffe, rattle, bottle, etc. Polka dots have been known to make things a lot more fun and exciting!

2. Bake Your Baby Announcement

Another great way to share the joyous news in a creative way is to make some yummy treats. Get to the kitchen and use your creativity. Bake cupcakes for a few close families that you want to share the news with. Across the cupcakes it can say “We’re Pregnant” or “Aunt and Uncle” for what those family members will be to your new baby. This may take a lot of work so you might only want to do this for those that you really want to share a special moment with such as your parents and siblings.

3. Current Baby Size

This is a very fun and creative baby announcement idea. Allow your fetus a little time to grow before you do this. At the end of your first trimester or about half way through it, ask your doctor what would be a good comparison in size to what your baby is. This could be a lemon, a apple, etc. You then buy this item and place in a nicely decorated box. We are going to say it’s for your parents for now, in the box, you would also place a note saying “This is the size of your grandchild, right now!” This will surely melt the hearts of many and you can use it on all members of the family!

4. Use Your Ultra Sound Photos

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! So use a copy of your ultra sound picture in decoration as a way to tell your loved ones about your amazing baby news. What better way than to show them the life that is growing inside you at that very moment. You can use this on your announcement cards or find a more creative way to use them such as a scavenger hunt!

5. Use a Close Holiday

If your new pregnancy has sprung upon you at a close time to a holiday, that is a very good time to share your baby news. Whether it’s Valentine’s day, Christmas or Easter, you can make little gift bags or boxes that contain pins saying “I’m going to be an aunt!” or “You’re going to be a grandma!” Be sure you give them to the correct family members or they will lose the meaning and the moment may not be as memorable. When they open these gifts, they will know that you were surely the best gift giver on that holiday get-together.


About the author:

Lauren Roland is a guest blogger on behalf of Expecting-Parents.com and PaperStyle. She enjoys spending time with her adorable baby boy and spreading tips for new mothers.   

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