Shindigz is More Than Basic Party Supplies

April 10, 2013     Rita     Reviews & Giveaways


As you all know I have been working on a bridal shower and have most of the party supplies I needed but then there are always those couple of things that you find you need after you get everything else. Thank heavens for Shindigz! I mean I had the plates and napkins and the decorations but there was something I needed. At the time I just didn’t know what it was. Shindigz was so wonderful enough to provide me with a gift code to use as I needed. While searching their site I quickly discovered what I was missing and ordered.

Party Supplies from Shindigz

I was able to pick up some serving pieces and plastic plates that not only look great but hold the food much better.I didn’t realize that I needed serving pieces until I started going through mine and realized I didn’t have anything bog enough to hold all of the food. The serving set had chafing dishes which kept everything hot until we were ready to eat. The silver plastic ware added a touch of elegance to the occasion.

Shindigz Supplies 2

I even got some great place holder wedding bells that helped me seat everyone beautifully. I used them as favors for the guest to take home when we were finished. It helped give them something a little extra in addition to the little bag they received. I also ended up needing a white table cloth for the photo table because mine somehow is missing.

Shindigz helped me so much with more than just the supplies I needed. They had everything laid out based on themes which helped me find my catering supplies. They also have a wonderful selection of personalized party items that I am sure you will all love. Their DIY Style items are perfect for those Pinterest lovers who can’t wait to try some of the ideas out.

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7 responses to “Shindigz is More Than Basic Party Supplies

  1. Lynn McBride

    I’ve ordered from Shindigz before and it was great. I clicked on your DIY link and I had no idea they had that kind of stuff. How fun.

  2. Kay Edwards

    I see what you mean about this site. They certainly do have some different party supplies that you do not find anywhere else. Looks like fun!

  3. Betty Baez

    never heard of them before….chafing dishes are great to have they come in handy when having get togethers and parties to keep food warm

  4. Janet W.

    We have a birthday banner for each of my grandsons from Shindigz and it’s wonderful! Great quality, and my grandsons love to see their name up on the banner on their special day!

  5. Tammy S

    I haven’t heard of them before. It sounds like they have a great selection. It would make it so nice to have everything grouped together. I always end up forgetting something. Thanks for the review. I will have to check them out.

  6. Ambrielle Bender

    I have a friend who is planning a complete DIY wedding for the fall and I will be letting her know about this site since it has ALOT of what she has been looking for! So glad I saw this! Thanks!

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