Thank you to Publishers Clearing House for sponsoring our discussion about If I won a Million Dollars plus 5K a week. Just think about it for a few minutes, I mean what would you do? The possibilities are endless and I could just go super crazy but I gave this a lot of thought and this is the plan I came up with.

I don’t need a million dollars. While it sounds nice to have a million dollars and all of these things I really wouldn’t want my children to think that life was easy. First and foremost I would use a small amount to move my family closer to the area my hubby works in so he wouldn’t have to travel so much. then with the rest  I would start a nonprofit food bank in my area. We have one and I work there often but the problem that I see there is they are limited to mostly food. There are many items that people need beyond food like diapers, toilet paper, and such. That is what I think a food bank should offer as well and with the better part of a million dollars I could set one up that could get going for a while.
The $5,000 a week would come in handy because half could be used for my family to live on while the rest could be put away for the kids to go to college on. I want my children to appreciate the things they have and to understand that it takes hard work and dedication. I know it would be easy to say I would buy new cars, a new house, and other things but the truth is that is not who we are as people.

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Okay you all know I really want to know what you would do with a  million dollars plus $5,000 a week. And of course don’t forget to Head on over and enter to win this amazing prize from Publishers Clearing House!

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