A Few Types of Writing That You Should Definitely Try Out

f you’re a writer, you should push yourself and try new things. These days, many people run their own blogs and fill them with ideas and ramblings. But that’s only one way to write. There are so many alternative forms of writing out there that you should try. By trying them out, you might even discover something you love and have a flair for. And then you can make a career out of it. Here are a few of the types of writing you should definitely try.

Speech Writing

Writing speeches can be a great way to learn a new form of writing. This one is unlike any other out there. You have to be able to write words that will be spoken out loud. This is entirely different from how you would write when the words are meant to be read rather than spoken. See if you can find someone who needs a speech written for them and offer up your skills.


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Press Releases

Companies all over the country rely on press releases to get their message out to people. They are sent to journalists and bloggers who might be interested in covering the content. They need to be clear, easy to read and deliver a precise message. HOTH Press provides press release writing services, and you could try it too. Maybe you’ll find that you enjoy it and want to work for one of those kinds of companies in the future.

Advertising Copy

Advertising is one of the areas in which writing is put to use. It can help to draw in customers and grab people’s attention as they pass by. It’s not easy to get advertising copy right, but when you do, it can be incredibly satisfying. It’s something that you should try at least once, and see how it pans out. It might be something that you unexpectedly excel at. Or it could be a disaster for you. It’s always hard to tell which way it will go.


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Creative Writing

Creative writing is challenging, but maybe that’s what you need as a writer. If you are used to writing things that are non-fictional, give this a try. The great thing about creative writing is that there are so many different forms it can take. You could try writing poetry or a play or a short story. The options are endless, and because it’s all about your own creativity, there is no rulebook that you have to follow. Break free and experiment a little.

Book or Film Reviews

If you’re an avid reader or someone who watches lots of films, why not push this interest further? You could write book or film reviews. If you already have an interest in these things, it should be simple to get started. You just have to find a way to translate your thoughts and feelings on a book or film into a coherent text that people will enjoy reading. It can be a lot of fun, and could even make the task of reading books or watching films more enjoyable.


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