Blogger, Brand Ambassador, CEO, Book reading, Outlander obsessed OCD, eclectic woman blending multiple cultures into one life. That one sentence sums me up nicely. However I am also a divorced mother of four! Those are words that I never thought I would say until a year or so ago but there it is. My children (twins which I adopted at birth and 2 stepchildren who live with me 6 months a year) that I adore and they make my life worth while. I live in a small Georgia town that you most likely have never heard of and the sidewalk rolls up at 6 pm. I LOVE it! My house is more than full as my mother and uncle both live with us to make caring for them easier. My life is full, loud, and mostly crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. After having several health problems recently I now take each and everyday as the gift that I know it is. I am still a work in progress and that is okay. I live by the quote below (author unknown) that I read recently and realized just how true it is.


Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful 




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