Keep an eye on this page because I’ll be adding to it as new questions are asked!


How can I receive your new posts?

The best way is to subscribe by email. New blog posts will delivered to your inbox once a day around 8pm EST. If I haven’t posted anything then you will not receive an email. Email addresses are always private and secure and I never share them with anyone.

How do I find a particular post on your site?

The easiest way is through the search box. If you remember a word or two in the post then you can search that way. However if you are unsure just shoot me an email and I will send you the link to the post. It’s no problem whatsoever!

How do I know if you were paid for a post?

That’s Easy! I will tell you either within the post itself (typically the first paragraph) or with some disclosure at the top of the post. That disclosure is sometimes an image with the wording or sometimes just some typed wording. Those are always at the top of the post and it will also let you know when I receive a product or free or discounted in exchange for my review. If there is no disclosure there then I wrote the article or paid for the products myself. It’s required by law for companies in the USA to disclose a compensated relationship.

Can I write a guest post for your site?

Maybe. Email me and we can talk. I accept a limited amount of guest posts a year and have no problem discussing something with you.

Can you post about my product or service?

Again, Maybe. Email me and we can discuss what I can do for you and you had in mind! You can find more information about that here.

Do you work with brands?

Yes, I love working with brands! I try to make sure that I work with brands that are not only a  good fit for my readers but also for my family and my beliefs. Email me for a copy of my media kit or to discuss what you had in mind.

Can I share your posts, recipe or photos on my blog?

You are more than welcome to share a portion of one of my posts or recipes with a link back to the original but not the whole thing. The reason behind this is if you post an article or recipe in its entirety  then readers won’t have a reason to visit my site. Sorry! If you make my recipe and want to share what you have done then please rewrite the recipe in your own words or link back to my original. 

For photos, I use both stock images (non-watermarked) and my own (watermarked) you may use one photo (watermarked only as I have purchased the stock and don’t have the rights to allow you to use them) with a link back to the post. Please DO NOT hotlink photos. Of course sharing on social media is always allowed. Just click those little share buttons 😉

Do you blog full-time?

Yes and no. I support my family though my blogging and the hours are fairly long. I also work on other sites providing support and such as needed. So while blogging is my main source of income, it is not my only source.

What do you use to schedule your social media?

I love CoSchedule and use it for everything! It always me to have a calendar view and there are so many other great things about it. I use the $20/month plan. 


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